To ensure a lifetime of healthy advancement and dazzling smiles, we educate the family's and public about the vast autism spectrum. They will appreciate the information , tips, and tools that will make a positive impact on them.

Brian Gates - Founder
Bri manages all aspects of the events while striving to make a positive impact


It's never enough as there is no absolute cure but constantly more proven advancement is being made to add pieces to the wellness puzzle and set programs in motion. These, combined with exams, updates, medical, chiropractic and natural homeopathic treatments together can enhance progression.

Riyo Gates
Bri's nephew that continues to impact all of us on so many levels while teaching us so much!


Every child on the autism spectrum is unique and very special. Awareness starts with a diligent observation for signs and scheduled exams. We encourage everyone to pay close attention and take the time to evaluate the challenges that may be lurking, so that special care can be taken.

Wes Barnhart
Owner of www.gobarnharts.com the staging place for the coffee,pastries and registration ride start.

The 5th year for our event was held in August 2017, The sponsors , riders and volunteers Amazing support enabled us THUS FAR  to make a positive impact on a very special :Autism community center LOCAL here in Blair County * THE JOURNEY CENTER in Duncansville and Cohen Allen the son of David and Stephanie Allen of Altoona , Cohen has had many health challenges that still continue and  also diagnosed on the autism spectrum thus the donation to help make a positive impact on Cohen and the children of The Journey Center with the Level Luk Kangen water processors that have proven to help those on the autism spectrum and highly recommended by many qualified respected  Professionals like  Dr.Corinne Allen.

"no relation to Cohen Allen " 

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Fran Ehredt

Owner of La Ferme Rouge and host of the celebration dinner and basket auction and entertainment location. 

Really is a Jack of all trades and MASTER of ONE ! Professional Bodyguard to the stars , Proven skilled Stuntman , law Enforcemnt DT / Firearms Instructor, Hvy WT Kickboxing Champion and Training since the 70's and operating a professional kickboxing / self defense training center since 1985, Master Brian Gates maintains a reality based training program that constantly evolves to award you the proven effective techniques that will make the optimum impact on your life, not only physically but empowering mentally, resulting in TOTAL CONFIDENCE!

Our founder

Bri's Rock N Ride for Autism Solutions

This years cool custom AUTISM theme Tee shirt Logo will be released on the day of the ride!

Looking forward to having your support for the 6th Annual Rock n Ride for Autism on September 19th SUN

our leadership team

Rock N Ride to make a difference at the 6th annual ride on August 19, 2018!